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The following instructions are given to protect your profits. Follow them carefully to get the best return from your event. We have furnished you with proven equipment- the rest is up to you and your booth workers.

1. Overall Comments

  1. Try to get the booth workers to run their booth as if it were their own business.
  2. The noise and activity found at an event of this kind makes it difficult to concentrate. Watch for mistakes!!
  3. Leave nothing to chance, communicate everything. Do not let your help assume anything.

2. First shift of workers should arrive by (30 mins. before event).

They should:

  1. Count prizes against the inventory sheet and record any errors. Count small items by bag or box.
  2. Do not open sealed items.
  3. Display prizes in the booth being careful to open one bag or box of an item at a time.
    d. Make sure they understand how their game is played.

3. During operation of the event, constantly check to see that:

  1. No children are in booths. Including workers children.
  2. Booths are not pushed back or games moved forward.
  3. The games are being played according to instructions (price and number of tries).
  4. Booth workers are:
    1. tearing tickets in half
    2. not giving tickets to their children or friends.
    3. not giving out prizes unless fairly won.
    4. not taking prizes for their own use.

4. New workers often make mistakes.

Check to see that they:

  1. Understand their game. The old shift of workers should stay 5 minutes to explain the game. Costly errors occur at shift changes.
  2. Know where the prizes are. Frequently the new worker doesn't know prizes are in a box in their booth.
  3. Know what to do if they run out of prizes. Contact you.

5. If a booth runs out of prizes:

  1. Check to see if any prizes are in the booth prize box.
  2. Substitute another prize by looking in your master list and finding a prize of lesser or equal value. If a game has more than one prize in a prize category and one is gone, use the other before you substitute.

6. At (one hour before event ends) notify booth workers:

  1. To use up loose prizes. If two prizes are given in a division, play down to one open bag or box. Don't be afraid to use more prizes if needed,
  2. Again at check to see if they have followed instructions.

7. When closing event down:

  1. Clear event site of children as soon as possible.
  2. See that booth workers are doing their counting correctly.
  3. Go over inventory sheets with FUN SERVICES representative.
  4. Go home, and relax for another year.


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